EFlite Deuces Wild 25e2 ARF
:4.17 - 4.76
:47.74 . .
:Power 25 - Power 32 (2 required)
  • Designed with E-flites Power 25 brushless outrunner motors in mind
  • Wing and tail assemble easily for convenient transport and storage
  • Counter-rotating props are available separately, spinners that match the counter-rotating props are included.
  • Retract ready and designed for specific Robart retracts (EFL4565) with pre-bent strut wires for ease of optional landing gear installation.
  • Fixed landing gear included.
  • The flaps are pre-hinged out of the box
E-flite introduces the first Platinum Series twinmotor sport plane, the Deuces Wild 25e2 ARF. Thisplaneshowcases the power, level of detail, quality of construction, and sport flying fun of E-flite.Unlike othertwinpowered planes on the market, this one is notintimidating -- it is easier-to-fly and exhibits gentle flight characteristics.

The Deuces Wild 25e2 ARF is part of E-flites PLATINUM SERIES. The platinum series delivers superior, enhanced features and meticulous attention to detail. E-flites Platinum Series is just one more way that E-flite brings you the most advanced electric flight experience.

The details of this PLATINUM SERIES model include all flight control surfaces are installed, pre-bent pushrodsready for installation, andthe optional main gear doors. In addition, there is an optional cockpit kit that addsanother level of detail complete with dashboard instrumentation, seat, and pilot.

The lightweight, sturdy airframe is constructed of balsa and plywood and covered with genuine UltraCote. The bolt-on tail assembly and three piece, plug-in wing are all removable to allow easy transportation. With the Deuces Wild,you haveoptions. You can use the included fixed landing gear or install the optional Robart retracts with pneumatic up, spring down operation. The model is complete with the strut wires pre-bent for ease of optional landing gear installation.

The wing design utilizes two Selig airfoils to give this aircraft excellent performance at high and low speeds, while also exhibiting gentle stall characteristics. This plane is designed for powered performance with the recommended setup of two Power 25 motorsor the high power option of two Power 32 motors. This aircraft is lighter, than the same size competitive large twinpowered models on the market. Retract and flap ready options enable thepilotto push the envelope with a sport ARF twin electric to the likes that has never been done before. The Deuces Wild is a sport plane capable of aerobatic maneuvers and is designed to be easier-to-fly than other similar size twin engine models. This model was designed even with the unthinkable in mindthe loss of an engine. In the event of an engine loss, this aircraft is still easily flyable unlike other twin models on the market. Any experienced modeler will appreciate the flight characteristics, aerobatic capabilities, and details of the Deuces Wild Platinum Series.

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