SebArt Miss Wind S 50e ARF - радиоуправляемый самолёт

SebArt Miss Wind S 50e ARF
Размах крыла:152.40 см
Длина:157.48 см
Вес:2.41 - 2.49 кг
Площадь крыла:65.16 кв. дм.
Setup 1 Hacker A50-14S Motor, 16 x 12E APC Prop, X-70 SB Pro ESC
Setup 2 Hacker A50-16S Motor, 17 x 10E APC Prop, X-70 SB Pro ESC

Customer Build Shown (Landing Gear Fairing Not Shown)
Upgraded Parts: Tinted Canopy, Tailwheel

The Miss Wind S 50e ARF, was designed by the 10 times F3A Italian Champion Sebastiano Silvestri.

This professional ARF kit is the result of Sebastiano’s long research and experience in F3A world. This combined with an extremely lightweight structure, the all wood airframe, and the revolutionary Lift Generator on landing gear give the Miss Wind S 50e an impressive thrust-to-weight ratio and an impressive precision at any airspeed and flight condition.

The Miss Wind S 50e can do it all… it is ready for any pattern sequence as for unbelievable easy torque rolls, slow speed knifedge and almost anything else you can dream up are waiting you!

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