Hyperion Helios F3A ARF, 25e-class - радиоуправляемый самолёт

Hyperion Helios F3A ARF, 25e-class
Размах крыла:118.00 см
Длина:113.50 см
Вес:1.15 - 1.19 кг
Площадь крыла:27.20 кв. дм.

The Hyperion Helios 25e is Hyperion's first F3A-style model in the super popular 25e class of models. Helios 25e incorporates the latest in F3A Design for superb feel in aerobatic flight. Point-n-Shoot!

The 2008 scheme is as striking as it is beautiful. The entire construction is extremely light weight, and consists solely of balsa and lite ply. Wings are joined by a full carbon wing tube. Flying weight is as low as on our 3D models and the Helios 25e is uncritical also in slow flight.

Hyperion Helios F3A Models are designed in consultation with Master Designer David Kyjovsky of the Czech republic.

денис 30 января 2015 г. в 01:23
подскажите как у вас самолётик заказать и как цену узнать

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