Kyosho Piper Cherokee Readyset (Red)
Размах крыла:41.00 см
Длина:33.50 см
Площадь крыла:2.90 кв. дм.
Двигатель:Hyper Motor
The fascinating slow flight style realized through the amazing MINIUM airplane that can fit on the palm of your hand now has the same 4-channel control as full-size airplanes with aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle control. The addition of ailerons for direct control over the roll axis delivers real airplane flight control. The newly developed 4-channel R/C system also features a large LCD. Additional functions increase exposure to flying situations for developing technique with the realistic scale form of the airplane enhancing the overall experience. As one of the best and longest selling low-wing airplane models of all time, the ЎЖPiper Cherokee'has been recreated as a MINIUM model with a wing span of 410mm. WithЎЖHyper Motor'delivering 10% more power than previous MINIUM models and equipped with a newly designed propeller as standard, this model can be flown outdoors as well as inside (with wind speeds under 2m). And it is fully pre-assembled and fitted with an ultra-small control unit with built-in amp, receiver, 3 servos, and pre-set linkages. In addition, the newly developed 4-channel R/C system operates on the worldwide standard 2.4GHz frequency. Switch the power on and it automatically scans a 75 wave spectrum for open bands for a stable control system safe from radio interference, allowing up to 24 airplanes to flown at the same time. Taste the 3 dimensional experience of airplane flight with the slow flight and light maneuvers made possible with this amazing fully-functional micro-sized MINIUM airplane.

  • The same 4-channel control as large airplanes, including aileron control, provides the full range of airplane flying experiences.
  • Newly developed multifunction PERFEX KT20 4-channel R/C system features various modes and settings.
  • Fully pre-assembled and complete with color scheme and linkage setup. Simply insert and charge the batteries to complete pre-flight prep.
  • Automatically scans for open frequencies across a 75-wave spectrum on the 2.4GHz band for ultra-safe control. Up to 24 aircraft can be flown at the same time.
  • Connects automatically once transmitter is registered to the receiver. (Comes pre-registered at time of shipment).
  • Offset values of the 19-step digital trims are displayed on the LCD for easy reference.
  • Two special servos are combined with motor control amp in a lightweight one-piece unit that combines with an ultra lightweight aileron servo that adds just 1g.
  • Equipped with 6mmЎЖHyper Motor'that delivers 10% more power than the previous motor in the 3-channel version.
  • Increased thrust from the newly designed (D95 X P75mm) propeller included as standard.
  • Transmitter features built-in quick battery charger that can be used while the transmitter is being used for flight control. *Takes about 20 minutes to fully charge.*Charging duration may change depending on conditions.
  • Selected flight style mode (Mode I or Mode II) is shown on the display.
  • Transmitter features new design built-in antenna that delivers more effective signal emission.
  • Slow flight capability allows flight times of about 10 minutes with a fully charged battery.
  • Transmitter can be used with other MINIUM AD series airplanes and helicopter.*Cannot be used with MINIUM 3-channel airplane series.

Required for operation:
  • 4 x AA size alkaline batteries for transmitter
  • Note) Oxyride batteries cannot be used.

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