Размах крыла:42.00 см
Длина:33.00 см
Вес:30.00 г
Площадь крыла:2.80 кв. дм.
Двигатель:6mm Hyper Motor
The amazing MINIUM airplane that fits on the palm of your hand now features the same 4-channel functionality with aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle control as full-size airplanes. Also, a newly developed flat bottom main wing with reduced flex controls wing tip stall and delivers even more powerful flight, even in wind. This set is packaged without transmitter so you can enjoy this new level of performance with your existing MINIUM AD 4-channel transmitter and add this model as 2nd or even 3rd aircraft to your MINIUM AD hanger! The fuselage is still fully assembled with linkage setup complete and includes its own mini control unit with amp, receiver and 3 servos. Slow flight and light maneuvers from this micro airplane provide a flying experience like no other.

  • This airplane set is packaged without transmitter, making it an ideal 2nd or 3rd addition to your aircraft collection.
  • Fully pre-assembled and complete with color scheme and linkage setup. Simply set the battery and charge to complete pre-flight prep.
  • Automatically scans for open frequencies across a 75-wave spectrum on the 2.4GHz band. Up to 24 aircraft can be flown at the same time.
  • Functions automatically with your existing MINIUM AD transmitter or one purchased separately once it has been registered.
  • Lightweight one-piece control unit features two special servos, receiver, and motor control amp, and combines with an ultra light aileron servo weighing just 1.5g.
  • Equipped with 6mm ЎЖHyper Motor' that delivers 10% more power than the previous motor used in the 3-channel MINIUM Airplane version.
  • Increased thrust is generated from the newly designed propeller, included as standard.
  • Thoroughly lightweight design for ultra slow flight.
  • KT-20 transmitter can be used with MINIUM AD series airplanes and helicopters. *Cannot be used with 3-channel MINIUM airplane series.

Required for operation:
  • PERFEX KT-20 transmitter (included in the Readyset version)
  • Special lithium polymer battery
  • 4 x AA size alkaline batteries for transmitter
  • Note) Oxyride battery cannot be used.

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