Размах крыла:155.00 см
Длина:140.00 см
Вес:2.40 - 2.60 кг
Площадь крыла:43.40 кв. дм.
The newly designed GX46 engine comes pre-installed on this large 40-class trainer. Four pre-installed servos are included in this almost fully-assembled airplane. Simply use your existing transmitter, receiver, and receiver battery, and all that is required for take-off is fuel and engine starting tools. The slightly larger size realizes excellent stability and control response through the air. And the extra engine power comes in handy just in case you get into trouble and need to recover from some mid-air difficulty. Once you have control of basic flight, the extra power gives you the confidence to take on stunt flight too. As the perfect introduction to low wing flight, the wider specifications of the Calmato Sports can be enjoyed for sports flying as well. Also, no gluing is required in completing the assembly process. Naturally appealing to beginners, the quality of build and performance also makes the Calmato Sports a great second plane for experienced fliers as well. When you are ready to graduate from high wing airplanes, the Calmato 40 Sports PIP will be your trusted companion for years as you take your flying technique to the next level.

  • Includes 4 pre-installed servos and switch. Use your existing 4-channel transmitter, receiver and receiver battery, and add fuel and starting tools to get airborne fast.
  • Plenty of power and torque is delivered from the big pre-installed GX46 engine. Easy to use and easy to start make it super user-friendly. Also includes muffler, glow plug and 12x6 propeller.
  • A natural choice for new low wing fliers, the responsive control also makes for great Sunday stunt flying.
  • Lightweight balsa fuselage and ribbed main wing are expertly covered in high-quality film.
  • Attach the wing halves by inserting the built-in aluminum pins and securing with tape. The open engine room also allows for easy maintenance.
  • Easy-build structure uses just two screws that firmly bolt the tail wing in place. No gluing required.
  • Tricycle landing gear realizes stable landings and takeoffs and the rudder-controlled nose gear makes taxiing even easier.

Required for operation:
  • Radio: 4-Channel
  • Spinner: ¦Х52mm
  • Fuel, Starting Tool

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