Kyosho CALMATO 60 SPORTS without engine CARDINAL RED
Размах крыла:181.00 см
Длина:159.80 см
Вес:3.40 кг
Площадь крыла:56.11 кв. дм.
If you have the space available, a larger trainer can provide the added flight stability and calm control response for a better start to R/C flight. This 60-class low wing trainer has been developed specifically for this purpose. Now you can learn how to manage the higher agility of low wing flight easily. No gluing is needed to produce an accurate finish and fuel supply lines are all pre-set. Ideal for beginners but also recommended as a second airplane for experienced flyers. Super stable in landing and take-off but with nimble stunt performance too! If you have graduated from high-wing airplanes, you're ready for the Calmato 60 Sports !

  • Mild control characteristics make this ideal for a low wing beginner trainer and also as a Sunday stunt flyer.
  • Great for take-off and landing but also stunt practice.
  • No gluing required. Tail wing is bolted on to fuselage.
  • 90% pre-built with balsa fuselage and balsa rib main and tail wings all pre-covered in film.
  • 4-channel, 5-servo specifications use a servo on each aileron.
  • Features built-in PP pipe for throttle linkage to suit 2-stroke 60-class engines.
  • Join the main wing halves by inserting the aluminum plate joining pins and fixing with tape.
  • Open engine room for easy maintenance
  • Easy-build structure allows tail wing to be fixed firmly in place with two bolts.
  • Pre-installed PP tubes allow throttle linkages for 2-stroke 60-class engines to be easily setup. Simply pass the rods supplied through the tubes and connect.
  • Two-piece universal engine mount included. Makes various 60-class engines quick and easy to install.

Required for operation:
  • R/C System / 4-ch, 5-servo R/C system for airplanes
  • Engine / 2-stroke 60
  • Propeller / D12xP8
  • spinner (57mm)
  • Engine Starting Tools, Fuel

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