Kyosho CURTISS P40 WARHAWK 40 <with retractable undercarriage>
Размах крыла:142.20 см
Длина:118.20 см
Вес:2.40 - 2.50 кг
Площадь крыла:34.00 кв. дм.
Двигатель:2-Stroke 40-46 Class , 4-Stroke 52-53 Class
Already deployed before WWII, the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk was one of the main attacking weapons of the U.S forces. Many variations were supplied to different countries including the British. KYOSHO reproduces this legend of WWII in a mainly balsa structure covered in high quality single color film in a lightweight fully assembled model. Simply apply the Warhawk's trademark 'shark-mouth' decal to complete. Includes sophisticated retractable undercarriage with 90 degree rotation. All this realized at an amazing value price. The lightweight finish makes this ideal for newcomers to low wing flight but with flight potential to please expert flyers.

  • Main fuselage built from lightweight balsa. Complicated fuselage shape expertly built at factory.
  • High quality lightweight film is resistant to fading.

Required for operation:
  • R/C System / 4-ch, 5-servo R/C system for airplanes
  • Engine / 2-stroke .40-.46, 4-stroke .52-.53
  • Propeller / D10 x P6-D12 x P7
  • Servo for retractable undercarriage (thin type)
  • fuel, amp & battery connectors
  • Batteries for radio

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