Kyosho Messerschmitt BF109E <with retractable undercarriage>
Размах крыла:142.00 см
Длина:121.00 см
Вес:2.40 - 2.50 кг
Площадь крыла:34.00 кв. дм.
Двигатель:2-cycle 40-46 class (sold separately)
4-cycle 52-53 class (sold separately)
The German fighter plane that dominated the opening rounds of WWII is symbolized by the Messerschmitt 109 series. While there were many versions of the 109, it was the E-type that established the Messerschmitt's reputation right through to the last stages of the war. The same assertive fuselage lines unique to German airplanes reappear in this pre-assembled 40-class version. The mainly balsa construction is expertly covered in film for a professional factory finished airplane with the Messerschmitt's characteristic camouflage being authentically reproduced in layers of high-quality lightweight single color film that is resistant to glow fuel and temperature or humidity variations. Kyosho's deep understanding of aircraft design and construction can be seen immediately and is achieved at a price much lower than you'd expect for a product of this high quality. The combination of excellent control and agility in the hands of experienced fliers allows the Messerschmitt to easily execute stunt maneuvers. Retractable undercarriage is also included in this fully-featured kit and adds the ultimate scale touch at great value. The light control characteristics also make this an ideal introduction to low wing airplanes and also for expert-level fliers. The impressive scale recreation and flight performance creates a deeper appreciation of aircraft history!

  • Lightweight balsa fuselage structure. Expert factory finish recreates the subtle lines of the fuselage.
  • Covered in high-quality lightweight film that is resistant to fading from glow fuel and also wrinkling due to temperature.

Required for operation:
  • R/C System / 5-channel, 6-servo R/C System for airplanes (5 x standard servos + 1 servo for retracts)
  • Engine / 2-cycle .40-46, 4-cycle.52-.53
  • Propeller / D10 x P7 - D12 x P6
  • Engine Starting Tools and Fuel

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