Kyosho Spitfire 50 <with retractable undercarriage>
Размах крыла:144.00 см
Длина:116.00 см
Вес:2.50 - 2.60 кг
Площадь крыла:35.98 кв. дм.
Двигатель:4-Cycle 52-56 Class (sold separately), 2-Cycle 40-46 Class (sold separately)
Forged in the life and death struggle of the Battle of Britain, the SPITFIRE's elegant elliptical wings and curved form are the enduring symbols of its heroics and popularity. However, these complicated curves were the reason the Spitfire didn't become a regularly produced R/C model. In addition to production difficulties, costs associated with recreating the scale form with any accuracy were always high. Kyosho has cleared these hurdles brilliantly with a lightweight balsa fuselage of the highest quality and accuracy in a factory-assembled model. Detailed camouflage coloring has also been reproduced in printed film and treated in ЎЖMaster Coat'. Realistic scale flight style and appearance of the Spitfire is replicated through the split flaps, retracts and spinner for a 3-blade propeller. Now you can fly the never-say-die spirit of this legendary WWII fighter with 4-cycle 50-class engine power.

  • Lightweight balsa construction of the fuselage is mostly factory-assembled.
  • Pre-covered in realistic gradated camouflage printed film treated in ЎЖMaster Coat'.
  • Pre-installed with retractable undercarriage and linkages.
  • Features the signature split flaps of the original that produce fascinating flight control, not just in take offs and landings.
  • Includes accurate recreation of the uniquely shaped spinner. Suitable for 2-blade or 3-blade propellers.
  • Rudder connected tailwheel provides control for scale taxiing across the airfield.
  • Pre-painted FRP cowling recreates the subtle curves in fine detail.
  • Includes linkage parts

Required for operation:
  • R/C System / 6-channel, 7-servo (6 x standard servos, 1 for thin-type retracts)
  • Engine / 4-cycle 52-56, 2-cycle 40-46
  • Propeller / D10 x P6 - D13 x P7
  • Fuel and engine starting tools
  • Batteries for R/C system

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