Kyosho CURTISS P40 WARHAWK 50 <with retractable undercarriage>
Размах крыла:142.20 см
Длина:118.20 см
Вес:2.80 кг
Площадь крыла:34.00 кв. дм.
Двигатель:4-cycle 52-56 class (sold separately), 2-cycle 40-46 class (sold separately)
In service in the lead up to WWII, the Curtiss P40 Warhawk started as the leading fighter plane for the British and American armed forces. Many variations came into existence and the Warhawk also flew under the colors of the many countries it was supplied to. Now this famous fighter plane can be enjoyed in all its glory with the power of a 4-cycle 50-class or 2-cycle 46-class engine. The balsa frame is covered in high quality printed MasterCote film that recreates the coloring of the original. In addition, the Warhawk's unique split flaps as well as rotating retracts have also been replicated. The spinner included is suitable for either two or three blade propellers and stickers provide the choice of two types of nose art. As the Warhawk is mostly pre-assembled, simply attach the main wing halves and the tail wing, then install the motor and R/C system to complete. With these simple steps, the detailed scale finish of this model also makes it impressive as an interior display. But the true spirit of the Warhawk can be found in its flight performance and the sharp maneuverability of this fighter will please expert fliers, while the easy to fly characteristics also make it an ideal introduction to low wing flight. Relive the nostalgia of yesteryear with this realistic and easy to fly recreation of the famous Curtiss P40 Warhawk.

  • Lightweight balsa fuselage structure is almost fully assembled.
  • Pre-covered in realistic ЎЖMasterCote' gradated camouflage printed film.
  • Includes specially designed spinner. Can be used with either 2 or 3-blade propellers with a slight modification.
  • Rudder connected tailwheel allows free taxiing control on the ground and recreates a greater sense of scale realism.
  • Factory finished pre-painted FRP cowling accurately recreates the subtle curves of the original.
  • Includes linkage parts set.

Required for operation:
  • R/C System / 6-channel, 7-servo (6 x standard servo + 1 x low profile retract servo) for airplanes
  • Engine / 4-cycle 52-56, 2-cycle 40-46
  • Propeller / D10xP6-D13xP7
  • Engine starting tools and fuel
  • Batteries for R/C system

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