Kyosho Messerschmitt Bf109E 50 GP
Размах крыла:142.00 см
Длина:121.00 см
Вес:2.65 кг
Площадь крыла:34.00 кв. дм.
Двигатель:4-cycle 52-56 class (sold separately), 2-cycle 40-46 class (sold separately)
At the outbreak of hostilities in WWII, the Messerschmitt Me 109 E proved itself a formidable opponent as the main strike fighter of the German Luftwaffe. With its high wing loads and powerful engine, the Messerschmitt could attack at high speed, giving it the edge over other strike fighters. Although fighting on several fronts around the world, its epic struggle with the English Spitfire in the Battle of Britain to decide control of the skies over Europe marked the Messerschmitt's place in history. Now this famous historical fighter can be flown again with either a 4-cycle 50-class engine or a 2-cycle 46-class. The highly detailed camouflage design has also been exquisitely reproduced with printed MasterCote film covering. In addition, a uniquely shaped spinner is included that also suits a 3-blade propeller for even greater scale appearance. As nearly all parts are pre-assembled, only a few steps remain for completion. The detailed scale finish of this model makes it an impressive interior display, but the true sprit of the Messerschmitt can be found in the air with its sharp turning maneuverability and sports flight performance.

  • Almost fully assembled kit features lightweight yet rigid balsa fuselage.
  • Installed with retractable undercarriage with basic linkage setup complete.
  • Rudder connected tailwheel recreates a greater sense of scale realism when taxiing on the ground.
  • Coloring and subtle curves are recreated with in the FRP cowling.
  • Includes fuel tank, foam tires and linkage parts set.

Required for operation:
  • R/C system / 6-channel, 7-servo for airplanes (6-standard servo + 1- low profile retract servo)
  • Engine / 4-cycle 52-56, 2-cycle 40-46
  • Propeller / D10 x P6 - D13 x P7
  • Engine starting tools and fuel
  • Batteries for R/C system

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