Kyosho HIEN 50 GP Ver.
Размах крыла:140.50 см
Длина:104.90 см
Вес:2.65 кг
Площадь крыла:32.50 кв. дм.
Двигатель:4-Cycle 52-56 Class (sold separately), 2-Cycle 40-46 Class (sold separately)
As one of the few Japanese liquid-cooled engine fighters the elegant form of the HIEN was the pride of the Japanese airforce during the WWII. Kyosho has recreated the HIEN as an 4-cycle 50, 2-cycle 46 class engine scale model. The balsa main fuselage is covered in printed MasterCote film for a lightweight finish in a unique military camouflage pattern. With the inclusion of split flaps and tire covers that open and close with the retractable undercarriage, the flight performance and style of the HIEN has been recreated in amazing detail. As all main sections are pre-assembled, simply join the main wing halves, attach the tail wing, load the engine and connect the R/C system to complete. Whether as a feature interior display or for its exciting flying performance, the HIEN promises a fascinating historical insight into this unique fighter.

  • Lightweight fuselage structure is almost fully assembled and built from balsa.
  • Pre-covered in realistic ЎЖMasterCote' gradated camouflage printed film.
  • Pre-installed retractable undercarriage is complete with linkages.
  • Includes split flaps just like a original. Not only used in landings and takeoffs, but also used to fly like a true fighter of the day.
  • Includes replication of the HIEN's unique spinner. Slight modifications allow 2-blade or 3-blade propellers to be fitted.
  • Rudder connected tailwheel recreates realistic taxiing.
  • Subtle curves of the cowling have been accurately recreated in pre-painted FRP.
  • Includes linkage parts set.

Required for operation:
  • R/C System / 6-channel, 7-servo (6 x standard servo + 1 x low profile retract servo) for airplanes
  • Engine / 4-cycle 52-56, 2-cycle 40~46
  • Propeller / D10xP6-D13xP7
  • Engine starting tools and fuel
  • Batteries for R/C system

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