Kyosho Spitfire 90
Размах крыла:182.00 см
Длина:143.50 см
Вес:4.50 кг
Площадь крыла:60.28 кв. дм.
Двигатель:2-cycle 90 class (sold separately) , 4-cycle 110-120 class (sold separately)
The legendary WWII fighter credited with the protection of England at the height of the struggle has been recreated as an impressive 90-class model. Elegant elliptical wings and the rounded form has been immaculately reproduced down to the finest detail with retractable undercarriage and split flaps that also replicate the function of the original Spitfire as well as its form. While the large size produces a calm and controlled flight style, the throttle can be opened up to generate the agile stunt flight of a fighter plane. The sporty flying characteristics will suit intermediate to advanced fliers. As the fuselage is mostly pre-assembled with detailed camouflage scheme also complete with printed film, the model exudes quality workmanship all over. Spectacular through the air and as a display, the SPITFIRE 90 recreates the romance and drama of history.

  • Main components are factory assembled so only a short time needed to finish.
  • Features lightweight balsa structure. Detailed characteristics of the shape are recreated in the pre-built fuselage.
  • Pre-covered in wrinkle-resistant high-quality lightweight camouflage-print film.
  • Printed film also replicates the partition lines of the outer planks and hatch in a highly detailed finish.
  • FRP cowling complete with coloring.
  • Two-sided main and tail wings for convenient transportation.
  • Large wing area of the elliptical wing generates the low-speed stability of the original SPITFIRE.
  • Includes: engine mount; fuel tank; pneumatic tires, and linkage parts

Required for operation:
  • R/C System / 7-channel, 8-servo (2 each for ailerons and flaps, 1 for retracts)
  • Engine / 2-cycle 90-class, 4-cycle 110-120 class
  • Propeller / D15 x P18 - D18 x P6
  • ¦µ95 Aluminum Spinner
  • Fuel, engine starting tools
  • Batteries specified for R/C system
  • Glue

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