Kyosho HIEN EP400
Размах крыла:99.20 см
Длина:82.00 см
Вес:850.00 - 900.00 г
Площадь крыла:17.30 кв. дм.
See the exquisite piercing form of the fuselage and nose design made possible with the water-cooled engine of the famous HIEN WWII fighter, recreated with 400-class electric motor power. The lightweight balsa structure of the main fuselage is covered in pre-printed film. Install a lithium polymer battery and brushless motor for even more aggressive flying performance – just like a real fighter. And it comes mostly pre-assembled so simply join the main wing halves, glue the tail wing, and load the R/C system and motor to complete. Either as a spectacular display or a dynamic flying model, the HIEN will be a source of pride and enjoyment.

  • Subtle shape of the nose and balsa fuselage is immaculately recreated in this electric scale fighter.
  • Add a brushless motor and lithium polymer battery for even more dynamic flight performance.
  • Includes pre-shaped linkage parts and scale replica tires.
  • Most components are pre-assembled. The printed film covering recreates a detailed scale appearance, down to the outer panels.
  • Magnetic lock on canopy makes battery changes fast and easy.
  • FRP cowling is complete with coloring.
  • Features independent left - right aileron servo structure. Produces sharp control around the roll axis.
  • Highly detailed and quality finish also makes a stunning display model.
  • Includes 46mm tires that deliver on both scale appearance and lightweight functionality.

Required for operation:
  • 4-channel, 4 micro-servo R/C system for R/C electric airplanes
  • 150 – 250W class brushless motor (Cyclone Mini BLS Motor)
  • Amp. for brushless motor (Sky Victory BLS 25 Amp.)
  • 11.1V – 1,200-2,100mAh lithium polymer battery
  • D10 P5.0 propeller for EP airplanes
  • Battery charger
  • Connectors for motor, amp. and battery.
  • Specified batteries for R/C system

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