Kyosho KAL-1 EP400
Размах крыла:105.00 см
Длина:85.00 см
Вес:800.00 - 850.00 г
Площадь крыла:17.00 кв. дм.
Even though development of aircraft was prohibited in Japan after WWII, the efforts of many resulted in the first post-war Japanese airplane taking to the skies in the form of Kawasaki Aircraft Corporation's KAL-1 Liaison Aircraft. The original form of the KAL-1 has been recreated as an electric scale model with the exceptional detail of the Prima Classe series. The balsa main body is covered in single color film in this mostly pre-assembled airplane. Simply join the main wing halves, glue the tail wing on, and load your choice of Lithium Polymer battery and brushless motor (sold separately) then install your R/C system to get flight ready. The lightweight design produces calm control for low passes that recreates the fascinating flight scenes of the past.

  • Main fuselage body is made from lightweight balsa in this mostly pre-assembled electric scale airplane.
  • High degree of pre-assembly and is also pre-covered in film.
  • Internal linkage pipe for rudder and elevator is fixed inside the fuselage.
  • FRP cowling is expertly pre-painted for realistic finish.
  • Includes retractable undercarriage as standard feature.
  • Includes motor mount, tires, and linkage parts.
  • Rudder-connected tail wheel provides free taxiing control.
  • Brushless motor and Lithium Polymer battery (both sold separately) deliver powerful flight performance.
  • Linkage parts included are pre-shaped and tires add an important detailed finish.

Required for operation:
  • 5-channel, 5-servo R/C system for airplanes
  • Brushless motor with 150~200W power output
  • Motor control amp
  • 11.1V-2,000 - 2,200mAh Lithium Polymer battery
  • D9 x P4.5 Propeller for electric airplanes
  • Propeller adapter
  • Battery charger
  • Specified batteries for R/C system
  • Glue

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