Kyosho JUNKERS Ju 87 STUKA EP 400
Размах крыла:121.00 см
Длина:94.50 см
Вес:1.00 кг
Площадь крыла:22.00 кв. дм.
The wailing sound of the JUNKERS Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber and its infamous ЎЖJericho Trumpet' was a symbol of German air power in WWII as they swooped down to drop their deadly cargo with pinpoint accuracy and terrorize Allied troops. Having made its mark in history, this dive bomber has been recreated as an EP400-class electric model featuring details such as the Ju87's slotted flaps operated with a 5th channel. The low speed flight performance and dives closely resemble the original airplane's style. Almost completely pre-assembled, the balsa fuselage only requires the main wing halves and tail wing to be attached, and the Lithium Polymer battery and brushless motor (both sold separately) and the R/C system to be installed. The Stuka's distinctive camouflage coloring is also recreated in printed film to the Prima Classe's superior standard so the style and performance of the Stuka can be seen again.

  • Reproduced without compromise, down to the inverted gull wings, struts for tail wing and the molded edges on the control surfaces.
  • Equipped with FRP flap stays and hinges to promise greater reliability.
  • Linkage pipes for rudder and elevator are fixed inside the fuselage.
  • Brushless motor and Lithium Polymer battery (both sold separately) produce powerful flight performance.
  • Achieves low speed flight and easy control due to its slightly larger size.
  • Includes pre-formed linkage parts and scale tires.

Required for operation:
  • 5-channel, 6-micro servo R/C system for airplanes
  • 200~250W output class brushless motor (CYCLONE 15BLS recommended)
  • 25A class brushless motor amp
  • 11.1V-1,250mAh Li-Po battery (No.ORI60005 11.1V-1,250mAh 15c Li-Po is recommended)
  • D9xP4.5 propeller for electric motor
  • Propeller adapter
  • Battery charger (No.ORI62200 ADVANTAGE ADVANCED FLIGHT CHARGER / No.ORI62204 STABILITY BALANCING System are recommended)
  • Batteries for R/C system
  • Glue

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