Kyosho F-14A TOMCAT DF67
Размах крыла:123.00 см
Длина:119.40 см
Вес:1.40 кг
The F-14 was developed to replace the F-4 Phantom II and became deployed to the US Navy from 1976. Developed with variable sweep wings for specialized fleet air defense, the F-14 projected an intimidating character rarely seen in present day fighters. The variable sweep wings, twin power units and retracts have been reproduced in exacting detail. Changing the wing sweep angle during flight from low speed to high speed settings allows you to enjoy a fascinating range of flying characteristics. The fuselage is made from lightweight styrene and combines with the powerful twin DF67 ducted fan units to generate amazing thrust for realistic jet flight. As all main components are pre-assembled, no difficult steps remain to complete so you can be airborne in a short time. Fly your own F-14 and experience the heart thumping excitement of a real jet pilot with this large-scale fighter.

  • Complex curvature of the F-14 has been accurately recreated with the styrene fuselage. This semi-completed kit requires no difficult work to complete.
  • Twin DF67 electric ducted fans units are loaded to replicate the design of the original.
  • The rear sweep angle of the wings can be adjusted during flight. A sharper angle produces higher speeds and alters the roll rate.
  • All three wheels retract. The main landing gear features rotating retracts to recreate realistic flight performance and function of the original.
  • Air brake control is possible with the spare channel. Recreate shortened carrier landings and descent rates and other various scenarios.
  • 4-cell Li-Po + twin amps deliver powerful jet flight performance.
  • Change the wing sweep angle with the servos. Control characteristics can be changed from high speed to low speed.
  • Allows additional functions like air brakes to be added.
  • Full flying tail realizes sharp control response.

Required for operation:
  • 8-channel, 6-servo R/C system for airplanes
  • 24mm. KV4,000 class brushless motor x 2
  • 40A amp (or higher) x 2
  • 14.8V-2,500mAh Li-Po battery (20C) x 1
  • Battery charger
  • Motor, amp and connector for battery
  • Batteries for R/C system

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