Kyosho Flying Fish 1500 Blue
Размах крыла:152.00 см
Длина:94.00 см
Вес:860.00 - 900.00 г
Площадь крыла:22.00 кв. дм.
Uniquely shaped precision FRP outer shell-only structure realizes a high rigidity main wing. The use of the Schale (meaning shell) production method doesn't just qualify this glider with premium specifications, it also adds the degree of aerodynamic efficiency required for high-performance soaring and competition level flying. Until now, this advanced construction technology was restricted to high-cost planes, however the Prima Classe FLYING FISH incorporates this special technology to deliver performance well above its class. The newly developed fuselage allows owners to modify the nose section so the model can be flown as a motor glider or a slope soarer. The wide range of flight capabilities provides a deep appreciation of glider performance.

  • Robust construction is all FRP.
  • Extended soaring! Precision control! Performance that soars above any other production model.
  • Includes motor mount, servo mount, aileron and elevator horn.

Required for operation:
  • 4-channel, 3-micro servo R/C system for airplanes
  • Batteries for R/C system

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