Kyosho FLYING FISH 2000 V
Размах крыла:200.00 см
Длина:119.00 см
Вес:1.40 кг
Площадь крыла:43.80 кв. дм.
Schale (meaning shell) production method realizes precision main and tail wings with a rigid finish that combines with the additional aerodynamic efficiency of the V-shaped tail wing and precision FRP fuselage for performance to make an expert flier's mouth water. As a motor glider, the FLYING FISH 2000V achieves FAI soaring class performance with the light-handed control of a motor glider. The Schale construction realizes a trailing edge so sharp, you could cut your finger! With a strong reputation amongst model soarers, the smooth and solid surface of the MH32 wing with its curved dihedral wing tips and high-efficiency glide ratio delivers breathtakingly sharp control response. This soarer seems like it can stay airborne for an eternity but a small dive maneuver awakens its high speed flight capabilities. With independent servos to control each wing flap and aileron, the free control delivers effective mixing. Although the FLYING FISH 2000V possesses a wide range of performance capabilities, this model excels as a slope soarer and provides the best experience this sport has to offer.

  • High-rigidity all FRP construction realizes sharp flight performance.
  • Extended soaring! Precision control! FAI competition-level performance.
  • Includes motor mount, servo mount, aileron and elevator horn.
  • Features brass aileron and flap horn. Install by screwing on nut (consistent high-grade specs).
  • FRP fuselage is almost fully pre-assembled. Start enjoying high-performance soaring with only a few simple steps needed for completion.
  • High rigidity Schale constructed wing and MH32 design deliver precision control. Take care as the trailing edge is so sharp you might cut yourself!
  • Designed as a motor glider, this model includes motor mount. Add your own brushless motor and propeller to complete.
  • Carbon pins and 2 bolts for each wing are used to fix wing halves to the fuselage. Easy to dismantle for transportation.
  • Independent servos are equipped on the left/right aileron and wing flaps. Spoiron and full span flaps deliver mixing to suit various flight styles.
  • V-tail style delivers efficiency under control inputs and aerodynamic drag. Can be adapted to ruddervator with 2-servos or elevator control with 1-servo.
  • Aileron and flap hinges are not exposed and leave no gap between the wing to dramatically reduce aerodynamic drag in a high-efficiency design.
  • Exquisitely curved dihedral blade tips realize excellent stability without diminishing flight efficiency.
  • Includes motor mount for 500W-class brushless motors. Delivers excellent performance with flaps down and motor control.

Required for operation:
  • 5-channel, 6-micro servo R/C system for airplanes
  • 32-1200KV-500W Class brushless motor
  • 45A Class ESC (Avionics Captain 45Amp brushless ESC No.ORI62054 recommended)
  • 11.1V~2,100mAh lithium polymer battery (SLPB 2100mAh Li-Po battery 11.1V-30c No.ORI60034 recommended)
  • Battery charger
  • D12 x P6 Folding propeller
  • 38mm Spinner
  • Propeller adapter
  • Motor, amp and connector for battery
  • 1.8mm Piano wire for linkages, adjuster and end stopper
  • Batteries for R/C system

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