Precision Aerobatics Katana Mini ARF - радиоуправляемый самолёт

Precision Aerobatics Katana Mini ARF
Размах крыла:102.00 см
Длина:99.00 см
Вес:370.00 г
Площадь крыла:24.20 кв. дм.
Двигатель:PA Thrust 20 outrunner motor
PA Quantum 30 Programmable ESC
PA Lipo pack 11.1V 2200mAh 20-30c
4 of Voltec VTS-60 servos
The Katana Mini is an extremely exciting, advance level freestyle model and it's the model that started it all; low wing loading, predictable handling, robust and incorporates the forerunner of our popular FiberFusion concept, yet it is not built with all of the FiberFusion features as the Katana MD which was released 18 months later.

Don't be mislead by size. The Katana Mini packs a potent punch for any modeler who has what it takes. In short this pint size model is like the KMD with lots of attitude! Its superior engineering design makes it fully capable of any advanced 3D and hardcore, high energy and high impact freestyle maneuver you can throw at it.

For those who thrive on flying on the edge executing advanced hardcore aerobatics at a fast pace, this is the perfect platform for you. Adrenalin junkies will love the KM's performance especially on a fast prop on insanely high throw rates, would guarantee to be a crowd pleaser!

Insanely fast roll rates, fast and violent high energy tumbles, sharp snappy snap rolls, smooth slow level KE, slow and low rolling harriers, nicely balanced hovers, low level torque rolls, stable inverted elevators and harriers are just some of the maneuvers its fully capable of performing with ease. Push her nose down on a vertical high speed powered dive into a jaw dropping violent blender that stops instantly on a dime. Recovery is merely releasing the rudder and aileron and it goes into a stable slow inverted elevator.

In short we describe the KM's performance as Fire and Ice and if you crave the attention, the KM is perfect for you!

Advanced building technology and finest grades materials provide a structure that is extremely lightweight and strong. In fact the Katana Mini's construction is the forerunner of our now popular FiberFusion® Technology. The two-piece removable wings with CF wing tube make the Katana Mini a compact, durable, and easily transportable package. The robust carbon fiber landing gear allows rough landings and excellent prop clearance for good ground handling.

This is a high quality ARF kit. Most of the work was done for you by skilled builders. It is very easy to assemble and includes a complete hardware pack so you'll be in the air in no time!

• State of the art laser cut light ply & balsa construction with CF structural reinforcements
• Balsa sheeted Two-piece removable wings with hinge slots pre cut!!
• pre-painted fiberglass wheel pants
• pre cut cowling is made of fiberglass and is reinforced with carbon fiber. Its aerodynamic design allows air to flow in and cool the motor, battery and ESC for maximum setup efficiency. Two air scoops are also included in the kit.
• Tinted canopy
• Carbon fiber reinforcements
• Carbon fiber control horns and pushrods
• Carbon fiber wing tube
• Heavy duty Carbon fiber woven texture Landing gear
• Pre-built FiberFusion® pre drilled motorbox with the correct thrust line already built in (taking away the guess work). Pre-drilled composite firewall is ready for the outrunner installation.
• Elevator and rudder with pre-cut hinge slots

Carbon fiber - Everywhere!
Carbon fiber reinforcements (wing spar, fuselage and leading edge)
Carbon fiber control horns
Carbon fiber pushrods
Carbon fiber wing tube
Carbon fiber wing socket/sleeve (inside the wings & fuselage)
Carbon fiber anti-rotation wing pins
Carbon fiber quality landing gear
Carbon fiber reinforcement ribs in the fuselage

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